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Custom Fabric Buildings & Structures for Event Tents

Fabric Buildings: Tensile and Fabric Structures. Where math meets emotion!

Gery Warner, Tentnology® President has been on the cutting edge (pun intended) of the fabric structure industry since 1972! Leading a team of experienced master craftsmen and engineers to create innovative, inspirational buildings and tensile structures as recently demonstrated at the World Trade Center 911 site in New York

Tentnology® custom designs and manufactures permanent or temporary buildings for commercial uses including: construction sites, agricultural applications, events, roadshows and portable emergency shelters for medical emergencies, military and disaster relief housing. 

Types of Fabric Buildings & Tensile Structures

  • SaddleSpan™ Tents: these tensile structures look and feel like a spaceship and they are excellent tents to cover stages and they are often used in festivals, concerts and other events as temporary buildings. It works well as a portable shelter. They are portable and versatile fabric buildings and have been designed and engineered to be easily rearranged for different weather conditions - Sun shade (no ends), stage cover (one end), performance tent (enclosed).

  • Poleadion™ Tents: great expandable fabric structures with high peaks and open feel that wok well as party tents. They are weather resistant tension buildings and can serve as protection for cold temperatures and high winds.

Fabric Buildings - Tensile Structures

  • Kubit® Tents: portable and easy to set up fabric building structures that work perfectly as marketing tents or kiosks at special events. They have also been used as shade covers at parking lots and play ground areas.

Portable fabric tents

Benefits of Buying a Fabric Building 

Our tensile structures are a fast, innovative and economical alternative to bricks and other traditional constructions. They are portable and easy to set up and they can be used in different locations, events and applications.


Our tensile architecture and structures don’t require a construction crew or architectural planning and there are no costs associated with building a a structure like traditional constructions.

Portable Tent Structures

They are lightweight, they don’t require a foundation, use less material and require fewer supporting structures, which make them portable and easy to move to different locations.

Weather Resistant 

Fabric buildings are designed and engineered to resist to constant winds and provide year-round protection from the elements.

Flexible Tensile Fabric Structures

They can be installed for permanent use and still be portable and transferred to a different locations. Tensile and fabric buildings can be set up in different ways to create unique spaces.

Quick Installation

Tensile Structures can be quickly and easily assembled, and they can be done more efficiently than traditional structures. The equipment and cost for setting up a fabric buildings minimal.Tensile Structures

Advantages of Tentnology Coverall Fabric Buildings

  • Tentnology® is the world’s leading fabric structure manufacturer and has been building tensile tents, and unique structures for over 40 years.
  • Tentnology® CAE proprietary software allows our Design Engineers to offer you affordable and efficient one stop shop for specialized architectural structures and buildings.
  • One of the few fabric and tensile structure manufacturers in the world that has in-house; design, engineering, patterning, fabrication and manufacture to installation and service.
  • They are engineered for heavy duty applications and can resist to most weather conditions - wind, snow, cold and heat.
  • Our temporary and permanent fabric buildings can be packed into compact space for efficient shipping and storage which lowers transportation costs and energy savings.
  • They are high quality manufactured, tensile structure engineering and global distribution of tents for use in the world’s most premier and exclusive events.

We can design and engineer your custom fabric building to fit your needs, requirements, specifications and applications.

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Here are some of the comments currently on a blog hosted by the New York Times article on the Tentnology® fabric structure:

"...I’m going to miss that tent. It wasn’t only a beautiful and functional artifact, but also a symbol of possibility and hope."

"...Sometimes a simple, elegant design speaks volumes. This one certainly does. As nice as the sculpted shape is, viewed head-on, its scale is even more impressive in a side view."

"...I had no idea it was temporary. I remember thinking how beautiful it looked outstretched to the gray sky like a beacon of hope. I hope whatever replaces it is as beautiful as this structure was."



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