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Industrial & Commercial Tents

Tentnology® has been manufacturing commercial tents and industrial structures for over 46 years. Our commercial tents accommodate auto manufacturing, construction sites, parts storage, warehousing and large special events.

Engineered for heavy duty applications they resist most weather conditions - wind, snow, cold and heat. Up to 60 meter width & infinite length.

Tentnology® Large Commercial Tents by Industry

- Construction Tents

Tentnology tents provide shelter to all phases of construction sites, including demolition, excavation, concrete pours, framing and renovations.

Our industrial work tents are engineered to keep your construction site operating effectively, sheltering your crew and equipment from harsh weather conditions. Tentnology's temporary tents are portable, durable and allow your construction site to continue, regardless of the weather; rain, shine or snow.

Tentnology Tentanium Industrial Tents

- Agriculture & Farm Shelters

Protecting your inventory or livestock from the elements is crucial for your bottom line, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Our commercial tents are engineered for long term, but they are also relocatable, easily installed and moved around your farm where needed. Our agricultural and farm tent solutions can even be customized for any size with different accessories, including doors, windows and much more.

Large Outdoor Tents

TSpan Tents were engineered to provide rapid install, quality, and expandable space with precision, quality and common sense functionality. TSpans® is one of our commercial tents that find a thousand applications and counting. Expandable, durable and flexible, they are designed to be convertible from 18 m wide down to 4.5 m, all with common interchangeable parts. Buttressed for snow load or in our TPeak® format, the TSpan® is a very versatile structure for commercial tents and industrial shelter applications.

Tentanium tents are commonly used in farms and constructions sites due to their large expandable free span, contact us to know more about our industrial tents in Canada and the U.S. today. 

Farm Commercial Tents Farm Shelters

- Disaster Relief, Military & Government

Tentnology portable emergency shelters provide quick, effective and reliable structures for any type of emergency and disaster relief housing. Our commercial tents are compact, easy to build, weather resistant and can quickly become emergency shelters, medical tents, government and military support.

Best Commercial Tents for disaster Relief and Army support: Military and humanitarian aid organizations benefit from quick install and strike TSpan Tents and Tentanium® industrial tents. Manufactured with the latest technology, high quality, and robust materials in assorted shapes and sizes.

portable emergency shelters

- Large Party Tents & Commercial Event Tents

From weddings and special event tents, private functions, corporate events, festivals, film & television, Tentnology commercial party tents span the world.

With hundreds of sizes, shapes, styles and configurations, Tentnology has a vast selection to cover any type of event for every budget. Our commercial party tents can be customized with graphics, color, in opaque, clear or transparent fabric with optional walls in a wide design variety.

Best Commercial Outdoor Tents for Parties and Events

Mega Tents are heavy duty commercial tents that make a statement. Used for weddings, high profile parties and big corporate events, Tentnology can customize the Mega® to make special intimate rooms, or join multiple modules for amazing space. Walls protect against wind and weather.

Commercial Event Tents

SaddleSpan Tents are often seen at big events and festivals. Offering superb natural acoustics we engineer these commercial tents to be employed as a shade canopy, beautiful stage cover, performance tent or arena for amazing space.

SaddleSpan Tents

Poleation Tents are perfect for commercial party tent use, easily transports from island to island, Poleadion® tents erect quickly with fewer crew. We conceived this tent with a flexible keder rail, replacing the traditional lacing with a rapid assemble structural seam. 

Commercial party tent

- Commercial Storage Tent Structures

Tentnology provides temporary warehouse and storage structures for any industry and many markets. We can custom build permanent and temporary , this commercial grade tent will best fit your business needs.

Industrial Warehouse Tents 

Tentanium is a large, freespan, heavy duty commercial tent that serves perfectly as warehouses and industrial storage. Up to 200' wide and infinity expandable length, makes this giant tent, a unique product. 

Find the best portable warehouse and storage structures with Tentnology.

Warehouse and storage structures

Portable storage structures

TSpan is an expandable pre-engineered industrial tent. Leak free, durable and flexible, with a variety of accessories including walls, hard doors and more. TSpan widths from 4.5 m to 18 m, smooth gabled roof, peaked or shed-slanted MonoSlope.

TSpan industrial tent

Tentnology Commercial Tent Manufacturers


  • Tentanium® in widths from 20 to 60 meters, in several shapes depending on site climate conditions:
    • Gable shapes for heavy snow load regions.
    • Lower ovate (elliptical) shapes for extreme wind.
    • Barrel Vault or Cylindrical
  • Design/build process 100% within the walls of our plant, ensures Tentanium® commercial tents comply with Tentnology’s rigorous quality control from concept to installation.
  • Tentnology membrane, keder, aluminum & steel truss systems achieve the highest strength to weight ratio in the industry.
  • Tentnology CAE Darwinian software optimization in the hands of our PhD engineering team, ensure highest value for lowest cost.
  • Tentnology is a commercial tent leading manufacturer around the world. We can offer full turnkey service, further customizing the structure with optional electric garage openers, man doors and removable side walls to meet site-specific needs.

Commercial Tent Manufacturers

  • Tentnology can custom design and fabricate permanent or temporary storage buildings, commercial tents or industrial shelters specific to your business and special occasion.
  • Our sales, engineering and fabrication team work closely with clients to achieve heavy-duty, durable, aesthetic build to accommodate industrial, commercial, festival, special event or large party space.
  • Our tents are designed appropriate to the operating environment, rapid deployment, harsh elements, hot sun, high wind, heavy snow, always with code life safety in mind.
  • Tentnology can help you create the best industrial and commercial tent specially for you.

If you are looking for the best industrial or commercial tent, we will make sure to design and engineer a custom durable and high quality tent that will best fit your needs.

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