Portable Emergency Shelters – anytime, anywhere

A Safe Haven with rapid deployment and instant function, Tentnology® portable emergency shelters provide quick, effective and reliable shade structures and disaster relief housing.

  • Compact packaging
  • Easy to build
  • Weather resistant
  • Customized emergency shelter solutions

Intents Quarantine! Immediate availability thousands 100% Canadian made tents, portable shelters, medical tents and disaster relief housing. 

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Used to cover some of the most glamourous events in the world, Tentnology emergency tents can also be used for hazmat centers, screening areas, triage tents, mobile hospitals and barracks for care/support workers, decontamination centers, warehousing and storage facilities,– instantly, anywhere, anytime. 

Tentnology® Tentanium® and TSpan structures may be configured to cover vast space in hostile climates in minimal time.

Rapid deployment, easy assembly and engineered for extreme weather conditions, dozens of sizes and styles of emergency tents are ready to offer a safe haven in these extraordinary times. 

Emergency Medical Tents

Tentnology® portable shelters are deployed in different applications around the world, including screening tents, triage tents, mobile quarantine tents, temporary disaster relief housing, storage facilities, food services, emergency shelters, warehousing and more.

With the coronavirus outbreak, Tentnology® shelters can be turned into portable medical tents to support local community work. Modular by design, Tentnology® can be customized to create hospital amenities and emergency response shelters through rapid deployment in arrays.

We understand the urgency and need of medical tents, Tentnology® tents can serve as shelters, triage tents and work as mobile hospital tents and clinics during pandemic situations as Covid19.

Historical evidence shows that sunlight and fresh air supplied with medical tents and structures, drastically aid in flu recuperation as noted in this important article.

Emergency Portable Tents

Emergency Tents

Tentnology® offers medical tents for sale that are easy to ship and assemble, allowing for minimal storage space and immediate response under critical circumstances. They are portable and don’t require costly and time-consuming concrete foundation.


Pasha Errol, 5 Star General or Turkey's Emergency recovery with Gery Warner (right)

Our tent erects in varied terrain by local labor with simple tools. These easy-to-install tents in Canada, the US, and beyond, only require from minutes to a few hours to install and easily transport to remote sites and facilities.

Quality construction ensures dependable shelter in severe weather or into harsh climates. Tentnology® stocks portable emergency shelters and tents in a vast variety of sizes to suit almost any situation.

Disaster Relief Housing

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The world has been experiencing more and more natural disasters every year. Earthquakes, tidal waves, tornado, hurricanes and even flooding due to heavy rainfall. These natural disasters often displace thousands of people, so having quick to build disaster relief housing is an important part of a rational plan for the recovery process, and army tents for military support.

Our portable disaster relief shelters were engineered for easy transport and rapid deployment. Tentnology® ships worldwide to support emergency operations. Tentnology® offers custom designed disaster relief shelters and housing in a variety of configurations and sizes to suit specific needs.

Why Tentnology?

Engineered to be modular in any configuration, Tentnology® emergency structures are the Swiss Army Knife of the tent and relocatable fabric structure world.

Reliable and customizable in width, length and height for most applications. Tentnology® structure and tents are customizable as well by adding modular walls, single or double doors, clear or opaque, and interior dividers wherever needed to create the movable shelters and emergency facility you need. 

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Emergency Shelters Around the World 

We have responded to some of the world's most stressful and unexpected emergencies. It is our goal to treat each crisis situation with the respect and care that it deserves. You can depend on us for a fast response and quality emergency shelters for people in need.

We have helped in the following emergency situations:

  • 300 emergency shelters for earthquake relief housing air-lifted into Turkey.
  • Sixty emergency shelters were among the first tents deployed in 2005, sheltering survivors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
  • Over 3,000 m² [30,000 sq. ft.] of portable emergency shelters and tents air lifted into Afghanistan to house NATO troops.

Emergency Shelters for:

  • Field hospitals
  • Portable barracks
  • Equipment & storage facilities
  • Social centers
  • Tent cities
  • Food service
  • Disaster relief housing
  • Military Support

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