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Since 1986, Tentnology® has sold more than 200,000, high-quality, brilliantly designed special event tents around the world.

From the Olympics to community festivals: Tentnology® has you covered.

Tentnology's tents are fully engineered to take the most challenging weather conditions and site challenges. Tentnology says what it’s goisng to do; and does exactly that.  If you are looking to buy an industrial-grade event tent, you have found the right place. 

Types of Event Tents for Sale

Bumbershoot & Presto Tents

Bumbershoot Tents

2 sizes; adorable small “pop up” tents, much more robust than scissor frame pop up tents with a fresh, new look.  They can also be joined together and have optional walls. View more >>

Matrix Marquee

Matrix Marquee Tents

Available in a remarkable 25 sizes and shapes such as Diamond, Triangle, Hexagon, square and rectangle.  These party tents can be connected together forming different sizes and configurations, to cover any sites, applications and events. 

Most parts are interchangeable, so assemble different sizes and shapes with common parts.  Engineered for the high code wind loads. Compare to copies by simply requesting a copy of their documentation. Tentnology combines high quality raw material with master craftsmanship. Our portable profit centers are the place to start with event tents. 

Tentnology Matrix® Marquees are incredibly fast and easy to install giving you a fast return on investment. Check out our Matrix® Marquees installation videos to see for yourself.  Don’t be fooled by copies as Tentnology created the first of this innovative style of tent over 40 years and still makes the best in show! There are countless Marquees, perhaps 100,000 in Korea alone. View more >>

Trapeze Tents


Looks like a stretch-tent but has the fixed boundaries and tensile strength of a fabric structure. These curvaceous tension tents are available in 3 sizes that are connectable.  The Trapeze tent creates a cool “loungy” atmosphere.  No trippy guy lines needed, these are one of the lightest, fastest event tents to set up or strike. View more >>

Kubit Tents

Tentnology Kubit Tent

Another new and original Tentnology specialty event tent.  Now you can create the look of “flying sails” in a portable tent.  Left open as a shade sail, or enclosed with gables and walls, the 20’x20’ (6mx6m) units may be joined together forming optional directions of undulating roof lines. View more >>

Mega Tents

Mega tents

The only large event tent for sale with 1,600 (144m2) free span space using 4 legs! The distinctive and original 4 peaks are suspended on a cable net so there are no legs in the middle of the structure.  Units of 40’x40’ (12mx12) can be seamlessly joined together in X Y directions for multiple marvelous mega events. View more >>

Poleadion Tents

Party tent

The Tentnology version of the pole tent. Pole tents have been done since the beginning of time but Tentnology has used the latest technology and materials to create a tensioned pole tent with a beautiful swooping profile. 

Available in 2 width; 40’(12m) and 60’ (18m) both are expandable indefinitely using 20’ (6m) infill sections. Robust and easy to install, the Poleadion is a very economical way to cover your special event and large spaces. View more >>

SaddleSpan Tents

SaddleSpan Tents

The iconic shape of the SaddleSpans offered in 6 sizes are a specialty multi-functional event tent.  Left open it can be used as a shade cover, one end encloses the back of a stage cover, and enclosed creates the most dynamic and amazing event space. Perfect for a concert, festival, or any large outdoor event. Discover the special joiners for this type of structure tent, which are available for connecting tents together for unlimited sizes and configurations. View more >>

Tspan Tents

Tspan event tents

New and improved traditional free span structures and tent halls. Great for any special event, like a convention, or an exhibition. Ranging from 20’ (6m) to 60’ (18m) widths and all expandable in 20’ (6m) bays for infinite tent coverage.  With 3 roof lines – classic gable roof, TPeaks for added flair and architectural interest, or the Unislope, higher at one side for something attention getting and different. View more >>


Industrial Tent

One of the newest members of the Tentnology tent family, the massive beams and trusses give this commercial tent the support needed to cover vast spans and weather conditions. Convertible rooflines can span up to 200ft. (60m) with infinite expandability using mid span bays and can be engineered for snow and high winds. View more >>

  • Domes

One of the very first structures the Warners developed back in 1976 was a dome structure, a geodesic hemisphere but rapidly deployed with interlocking curved tubular beams.  Everything old, is new again…

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Tentnology® tents at international festivals & events:

  • Athens 2004 Olympic Games
  • Bahrain Pavilion Formula 1
  • Bloomberg Summer Picnic
  • BMW New Product Launch
  • Commonwealth Games
  • Disney Block Party Tour
  • Ferrari Pavilion Texas State Fair
  • Festival By The Sea UK
  • Grammy Awards
  • Indy 500
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Korean Air Show, Seoul
  • Lexus New Product Launch
  • Lion King Opening LA
  • National Democratic Convention
  • North American Indigenous Games 2002
  • PAN AM Games 1999
  • Presidential Summits
  • Queen Mary Launch
  • Superbowl Entertainment Stage
  • Toyota Dealers Meeting, Hawaii
  • Ultraman Exhibit, China
  • Vancouver Children’s Festival
  • World Cup Soccer
  • World Flower Show, Seoul
  • World Sailing Regatta DOHA
  • XGames


  • Canadian Special Event Award Winner, 2005 Best Use of Tenting
  • Special Event Gala Award Winner, 2000 Best Tent Installation – International
  • Canadian Special Event Award Winner, 1999 Best Tent Installation – International
  • Special Event Gala Award winner, 1997 Best Tent Installation – International

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Why Buy Your Custom Event Tent from Tentnology®

With 12 families of structures and tents in hundreds of sizes, shapes, styles and configurations, Tentnology has the selection to keep your events covered in the latest attention getting portable for every budget. 

Tentnology custom event tents are fully engineered to take the most challenging weather conditions and site challenges. Developed and engineered in-house with proprietary Tentnology CAE (computer aided engineering) all our tent systems are optimized to better serve your needs. Tentnology Event Tents provide you with: 

  easy assembly    fast installation    efficient shipping    efficient storage    unique and maximum beauty

Our event tents can be customized with graphics, logos, made in specialty colors, in opaque, clear or transparent fabric and they also have optional walls in a variety of designs. We can design, engineer and customize your event tent to fit your needs, requirements, specifications and applications. Contact us today for a quote!