monoslope 13.3x53.3
monoslope 13.3x53.3
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MonoSlope Tents

New Event Tents from Tentnology!

The MonoSlope fabric structure creates a dynamic profile at any event site. This special event tent features a high back wall that slopes down one side only to a standard 10' eave. This gives the structure an attention getting profile that highlights custom graphics. The interior of the tent is free span with no obstructing poles.

Tent Fabric Structure

Engineered & manufactured for a challenging installation

This special event tent had to be 52' wide and 60' long with a 23' clearance at the highest point of the structure to allow a trailer to be situated inside. Due to a very windy site in Austin TX for the Formula 1 race, and limited foot print for guy ropes - Tentnology used our proprietary CAE engineering design software to analyze optimum construction safe wind loads for this structure.

Dramatic black fabric and custom graphics branded this tent for maximum exposure and high visibility. Tentnology also designed a new "queue" or line up/walkway tent to match the large tent.

Both of these new tent fabric structures are now available for rent or purchase. 

Tentnology® Unislope | Client: <a href="https://www.pacificcoasttents.ca/" target="_blank">Pacific Coast Tents</a>

Our Monoslope or Single Slope Event Tents are made from high-quality materials, ensuring they are durable and long-lasting. The tents are easy to set up and take down, making them ideal for events of all sizes.

Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate event, or outdoor party, our unislope or Single Slope Event Tents are the perfect choice. They offer a stylish and functional solution that will keep your guests comfortable and protected throughout the event.

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The interior of the tent is free span with no obstructing poles and is available in 20' (6m), 30' (10m), 40' (12m), 50' (15m) and 60' (18m) widths—this fabric structure is then expandable in 20' (6m) sections.


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