Are Tentnology products compatible with other manufacturers’ parts?

At first blush, they might be. A good copy will look the same and have the same overall dimensions. Tentnology products contain within them, years and millions of dollars of research and development ... tough stuff to copy. Special alloys, thickness, tolerance, design, process and manufacturing techniques are all part of your Tentnology product. We take warranty seriously with cryptic QA identifiers. Warranty, guarantees and product support are not valid if parts are mixed with other tent systems. Why risk potential failure when it costs no more to go first class? All that glitters is not gold. So, use Tentnology originals. .

Are Tentnology's tents fire retardant?

Yes, Tentnology® uses the latest in fire retardant materials that are certified by the California State Fire Marshall, exceeding requirements for NFPA 701, UL 214, ULC S-109 and M1. Treated to retard mildew, ultra-violet degradation. Flame retardant. Tentnology® stuctures meet all international requirements.

Are tents available in different colours; can I add a wall?

Tentnology® offers a limitless selection of customized structures and accessories to suit your needs.

How long will it take to assemble a Tentnology® structure?

Ease of assembly is one factor that sets Tentnology® apart from the rest. MQ20 + 2 people = 10 min, for instance. Look to our Matrix-Marquee™ series for easy assembly.

How many people can I fit into a tent?

That depends... if you want chairs, tables, dance floor etc. the capacity of tents varies considerably. We've put together a chart providing a guide to capacity depending on what type of event your holding.

What if it's a windy day?

Tentnology® tents have been designed, tested and engineered for extreme weather conditions. Engineering reports are available directly from Tentnology® to qualified engineers.