April 07, 2006

Tentnology® wins Canadian Special Events award

The Surrey Mayor's Gala was selected for the "Best Use of Tenting" at the Canadian Special Events Awards held in Toronto in March 2006. Five thousand sq. ft. of hexagon, diamond, and triangle shaped Tentnology® Matrix-Marquees™ welcomed 800 guests for cocktails in clustered pavilions set up to let the guests meander, meet and greet.


A grand entrance was created for the Gala Ballroom that surprised and delighted the guests with the lofting ceilings of the spectacular S5000 Tentnology® TriSpan™ featuring 17,000 sq. ft. of free span space for the dinner, entertainment and dance. Only days before this gala event, the site was a barren construction site without power or any utilities or facilities, once again proving that with Tentnology® special event tents you can create award winning instant function space, anywhere, anytime!