June 10, 2010

VIDEO: Helping New York's World Trade Centre rise again

In the heart of Manhattan, September 11, a phoenix-like new fabric structure rose above Ground Zero.

Tentnology® created this tensile structure as a dramatic sculpted canopy for the World Trade Centre PATH Subway entrance, first structure up on WTC 9/11 site NYC, located directly in front of the Millennium Hilton Hotel. Tightly scheduled to be erected right on time for September 11th memorial services, this high-tech structure conveys optimism & a new departure.


Briefly erected at Tentnology's Cloverdale premises, a few invited guests got a sneak preview while Tentnologists poured over the test-bed structure during last minute inspection just prior to New York delivery. The canopy with the signature Tentnology® aluminium truss system measures 60 feet wide x 85 feet long x 37 feet high.

Tentnology® was short listed at proposal stage last November, securing the contract with its curvaceous original design and computer-centric ability to comply with the extreme engineering requirements of the job, explained president Gery Warner.

Challenging? Yes. The soaring canopy's apex, combined with New York snow made for many design challenges. But, when I asked the client why not a normal product which we or any of the other competitors could supply without skipping a beat, they replied "We don't want a disaster relief thing, we want something a tad more up-lifting. And that's what your structure represents." It may look simple & that is its essence, its concept. But that look of simplicity belies an intricate design involving the most sophisticated engineering, analysis & fabrication."?


No stranger to the international spotlight, Tentnology's trademark Saddle Span and other structures have featured around the world from the 1976 Montreal Olympics, World Cup Soccer, Seoul Airshow, 2004 Athens Olympic Summer Games, Pan Am Games, Walt Disney Orlando, Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix, World Fleadh Music Festival Ireland, to name a few.

The huge, international presence of Tentnology® is managed from their rural Cloverdale property where they've designed and manufactured tensile fabric structures for more than 17 years.

2016-04-06 10_00_00-Photos of Fabric Structures from Tentnology _ Event Tent Photo Gallery

Tentnology® is a world leader in tent structure design, and has received countless awards, including the Canadian Special Event Award 2005 for the best use of tenting, Special Event Gala Award winner, 2000 for best international tent installation, and the Premiers Award of Engineering Excellence.

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