December 07, 2017

15 years at IAAPA


“See how we did it! – this video from the IAAPA site shows how only 3 install Supervisors and 3 untrained LaborReady crew erected 5,000 sq. ft. structure in 6 hours.  Then, in a strike from 4:00 to 9:30 pm, the entire display: Saddle Span, Kubit, Vortex, Matrix Marquees, furniture, photo racks and support material were “locked and loaded”, ready for the flat deck truck!  That is a 5 ½ hour strike for 7,100 sq. ft. of structure with 6 crew and 5 sales people.  Patching asphalt took the most time.”

Wow! That was close! 15 years at IAAPA!  For the first 10 years we had a booth inside on the trade-show floor, featuring our Matrix Marquees and Tentnology Mega tent.  Since these tents can free-stand, they are perfect for use in areas where anchorage to ground is not possible. 

Then, in 2013, a nightmare! Confusing it with another trade-show, I forgot to book our IAAPA indoor space!  I always had recurring dreams that we showed up at various trade-shows when nothing arrived except me in my nightgown!  Well, there we were; weeks to go before showtime, but no room reserved. Then, worse still: by the time I realized the error, there was no space left inside!  

SaddleSpan S5000 IAAPA 2017

Well, when faced with nothing but lemons, make lemonade.  Only outside space remained.  So far, there were very few vendors in the parking lot exhibit area and only those whose exhibit would not fit inside.  We chose the only option left. Then, with space and anchorage no longer a worry, we opted to show our larger, more attention getting tents. And Florida weather? How about a 120 mph rated Saddle Span? So, we leapt from adversity to advantage.  Not bad for what began as a colossal error.  People buy what they can see! 

iaapa 2016 - night 2

Since we have been outside featuring those spectacular SaddleSpan tents, we shipped to NASA, Kennedy Space Center, US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville,  6 Flags California, Tampa Bay Downtown partnership/ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kanamoto  Japan, customers in Panama & Mexico, to name a few.  We also have room to demonstrate how fast and easy our Matrix Marquees are to install – these we continue to ship to Disney, ESPN and many family fun centers around the world.  So, we will stay outside bringing you more amazing space.

And thank you for your time and for visiting us. Our Tentnologists stand by to work on making your intents wishes come true.  We hope your park will be the next to feature amazing Tentnology tents…

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