July 19, 2019

Crystal clear Tentnology!

Matrix–Marquee™ Tents

Matrix Marquee MQ20 Crystal Clear Tent

Our friends at Caledon Tents in Ontario need a transparent tent for their event.
Enter the Tentnology Crystal Clear Matrix Marquee.

Looks like rock crystal.

Matrix Marquee MQ20 Crystal Clear Tent


At night, the Matrix Marquee MQ20 event tent is even more striking with interior lights.

It's beautiful, but …

The Tentnology MQ20 Matrix is now rated at 107 mph. But the wind rating for that same tent covered in clear vinyl drops to a civilized 30 mph. You see, that lovely clear plastic contains no fiber to give it the strength needed to sustain high wind. So, it may stretch and never return to its originally perfect shape. If it stretches, the top could “pond” rain water. But tents just weren’t meant to carry a bathtub on the roof.  Sun as well can have its way with clear vinyl, zapping long chain molecules that hold the stuff together, eventually “dustifying” it. Unlike our regular opaque white membrane with its titanium dioxide (white sun-block clay additive that reflects those pesky solar rays), clear vinyl just can’t last long in the sun. 

Still, anything for style! Folks love the look in spite of the compromise.

Compare the look in translucent membrane below. Translucent tops have a visible polyester weave that lends a bit more strength, somewhat higher wind resistance and marginally more longevity.


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