January 27, 2021

VIDEO: Tentnology, the Global Leader in Tensile Architecture

Tentnology’s Mission & Quality Statement: Our Commitment to being the Best Event Tent and Fabric Structure Manufacturer in the World

All Tentnology® tents are 100% original Designs that have become an iconic world standard. Tentnology is the originator of the cross cable peaked Marquee tent –this tent has literally been copied hundreds of thousands of times. For the last 30 years the swooping Tentnology original SaddleSpan structures has been gracing world famous sites such as the 911 WTC, Disney, Olympics & many symphony orchestras. These tents are now popular in over 12 countries most recently housing the Queen of Denmark and the King of Bahrain.

Tentnology has also invested in the ISO_2001 environmental and manufacturing quality programs and has a extensive state of the art ERP (Enterprise Planning Programs) and MRP (Material Planning Program) to help operate a fast pace manufacturing facility employing 75 Tentnologists. Since 1972 Tentnology®, has designed, developed, engineered, manufactured and innovated new and original patented fabric structures and event tents, and is world leader in the portable shelter industry; renowned for unparalleled, high quality tent manufacture, fabric structure engineering and global distribution of tents for use in the world’s most premier and exclusive events.

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