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Video Testimonials

View Mike Rossell Customer Video Testimonial
Mike Rossell Production Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii

Damon Marquis Event Group and Marquis Tents, Austin, Texas

Ryan Fabian
Ryan Fabian Party Place, Eureka, California

Don Potts
Don Potts, President Hollywood Tentworks, Los Angeles, California

Lisa Christopher
Lisa Christopher, Owner Diamond Party Rentals, Bermuda

David Husbands
David Husbands, AKA The Texas Tentnologist DBA Rental Shop

Donna Smithey
Donna Smithey, Owner In Tent Events, Tallahassee, Florida

Skip Messinger
Skip Messinger Hoosier Tent & Party Rental, Indianapolis, Indiana

Brian Stump
Brian Stump The Herriott Group Inc., Champaign, Illinois

Miguel Angel Serna Mejia
Miguel Angel Serna Mejia Publicidad Serna, Mexico D.F.

Letter Testimonials

”We appreciate the excellent quality and customer service we have always received from Tentnology!...”
Jeff Fann
Professional Party Rentals

"... just wanted to let you know what a great job you do on packaging, the pallet is so well thought out as to positioning it really is a work of art. The whole shipment arrived without so much as a scuff mark, we couldn’t be happier with the service we receive from Tentnology and will be doing business again in the future."

Ron Woodfine
Above All Tent Rental

I am really happy & excited to be a Tentnologist.
Before I showed David the invoice, I told him your company made tents for Disney, World Trade Tower sight etc. his eyes got like saucers.  His reply was "of course you would find nothing but the best".  He was pleasantly surprised at the price especially after he saw your website.  Thank you again for making this happen so quickly.  I am sure this will make the ambiance of my party

Theresa Rosetti
DJ Rosetti Inc.

We here at the Sussex County YMCA wanted to thank you both for all of your help with the purchase of the tents. We have received many compliments on how nice and professional these tents look. We were able to set-up one tent with only 2 staff in 4 hours and 3 staff when we did the second. The tents that we used prior would take up to 10 staff and 2 days to set-up. I also personally wanted to thank both of you for your time and effort.

Bill Miller
Building and Property Director

I am very impressed with your tent package I received today. The tote, bag and shipping was very well done. If anyone wants to know where to buy a tent, I will direct them your way. 
Mike Milllar
DGS Astro Paving

We wish to express our gratitude to Peter for his knowledge and time taken to explain Tentnology tents.  He is an asset to Tentnology and we certainly would not hesitate to deal with him again for future products.  Peter was very informative and clearly understood the products in question and aided us in making the right decision, without the sales speech; as well as getting us a great rate several times.  Peter worked hard and was available at all times to answer our questions.
We also with to express our gratitude to Kristine who made the payment process smooth, even though we forgot to tell our bank to release funds.  Paperwork and information was never delayed and always professional. 

Nigel, Jackie and Ron Hornsby
Bastrop, TX, USA

Just wanted to write to say THANK YOU for the excellent service you provided while I was purchasing the tent… and for the excellent product!  We used the tent yesterday and we LOVE it!  Everyone is very pleased with the graphic design, the quality and the ease of assembly.  

Also, the service you provided was exceptional – your knowledge, your quick follow up on each of my questions, your extremely positive attitude throughout, and your willingness to work with me on price.  All of these things allowed me to be confident with the purchase and with your company… which is not easy when purchasing from a company found on the internet.

Mad dog Construction

I want you to know we had an excellent first summer and it was all thanks to your amazing tents!!!! All I heard were great compliments from our clients. With that said I will be ordering more

Glacier Party Rentals
Shayna Harris

our tents are here and they look fabulous!! Just wanted to send a quick Thank You to you and your company :) We look forward to doing more business with you guys in the near future :)


“Yesterday we had our first MQ20 rental! It was a great experience and everything went flawlessly... Overall we love these tents and so did many people that were amazed at how easy it was to setup and how lovely they are. Tentnlogoy should create a religion and call it 'tentnologism'.”

Julian Kaztman


“Peter, The tent is amazing. The set-up was painless. The instructions easily understood. We are completely satisfied and will work with you again, I’m certain. Thanks you for your very professional and personalized service.”

John Nichols
The Nichols Team


"Beautiful event thanks to a beautiful tent."

Miguel Serna Jr.


“Greg and I put out HEX 40 up for the first time last week. The 2 of us could almost get it up by ourselves, but need astrong third :) Came down easily with just the two of us tho... The tent is beautiful and we were very pleased with the high quality of every piece of it!! Very pleased indeed. Thank you for you help with this purchase.”

Greg and Carla Grant
Weddings at Highview


"We have 10 10x10 Tentnology tents on tour that we procured in 2008. They are great and we love them! "

Josh Glasheen
Jack Johnson/To The Sea World Tour


"Thank you so much for your great service. It has been great working with you too.

What a treat it has been for me to trust in your company to create top quality :)

I will be sure to send other Univera Associates your way! I hope that this creates a lot of business for you in the future.

Thanks again."

Julie Missal


"Hi Guys! My customer actually received them last Friday & LOVES them!!

Thank you SO MUCH for everything Christina & Erica, you guys have been so great to work with your Customer Service is truly top notch & were a dream to work with on this project.Very much appreciated!!

Big cheers to you guys & hope to do this again really soon!!"

Heather Peebles


"...I have worked with Tentnology tents for more than a year and have decided to start up a tent rental business in the city of Lethbridge. This is a follow up letter of your product. Tentnology as a tent is what I need to fulfill my needs. I am very happy I invested that kind of money buying Tentnology tents. I recently purchased 1 Hexagon 35' by 40', eight 20'by20' and two 10'by10' tents. I am not afraid with these tents as long as they are set up properly these tents will last me for a long time. I bought Tentnology tents for the following reasons:

  • Are strong and durable and can with hold together especially the strong winds in Lethbridge providing the tents are set up correctly and everything is tight.
  • Parts can be interchanged using different sizes of tents
  • Tents are made with very strong fabric
  • Customer service is excellent, phone calls are returned very promptly
  • Tentnology tents are competitive priced compared to other tents
  • Tentnology tents can be easily set up and very quick
  • Tentnology tents can be configured in different ways
  • Tentnology tents are not really heavy but are strong at the same time
  • Tentnology tents have a very nice shape to them especially if you put on a flag
  • Silent in high winds
  • Hardware such as the wretches, cables pipes, hooks, are strongly built
  • Tentnology is water proof even when the tents join or butted together (using a rain gutter)
  • Walls can be exchanged solid or window to fit different needs and are easily installed
  • Tent can be easily carried to a different location without taking it apart."
Andy Stahl


"Our new tents arrived in perfect condition on March 5th. What a wonderful surprise! We have never gotten such prompt service - especially from our inter-island carriers. "

Glenn Lardizabal


"Everytime I buy something, I spend 2 days showing off how cool it is."

Dave Ferdinand
One Dream Sound, Long Island, NY


"Love your tents. We bought a high peak this year (from one of Tentnology’s lower-priced competitors) to try it out and we got what we paid for. Look forward to buying more from Tentnology next year."

Kenneth Bernard
Chaps Party Rental in New Orleans, LA


"Voted the best tent in the world by World Cup Soccer...."

Charlie Ballantyne
President Universal Sructures, Pennsylvania


"...I just wanted to write and say that at midnight on a Saturday night, as I'm reflecting upon a very brief, but wonderful visit to the home of George Vanderbilt, the Biltmore Estate (America's largest private residence), I am facing mountains in all directions, hearing wild birds from all directions, drinking mediocre coffee and staring at a Tentnology® tent directly in front of me on the grounds of the Inn. The distinctive catenary, the graceful peak of the marquee top, silhouetted beautifully by the North Carolina moon. Your tent actually served as the canopy to the outside wedding this afternoon, and did its' job brilliantly. But, I just thought that I would let you know that Tentnology® is everywhere that the cool people hang out."

Eric Millner
Production Manager,Kicking Cow Promotions. Inc


"As far as i am concerned, you have the greatest tent designs the world over!"

George Mwathi
Majestic Tentz,Nairobi


"...excellent product. I love all your stuff. Well done! I am an architect and consider your product is designed tastefully with quality materials.

Pierre Rousse Pembroke Pines


"we love your tents, they give us a great advantage in the market place and bring in more rentals because they are unique."

Mr. Field Smith
Field Tents, Jacksonville Florida


"Tentnology® tents paid for themselves the first season. We liked the so much we just bought more...."

John Zeraga
The Milbrook Club


"From a Tentnology® Sales person: "Ernesto called.....my large order that went to Mexico (7 Hexagons). They received it and set it up on Saturday. The bride having her wedding IN DOORS that night made a huge scene/tears and all.. and demanded that her wedding be held in the tent that night INSTEAD. Ernesto said that they set the tent up at 2pm and between 2pm and 6pm they booked 10 weddings!!! He had to come up with pricing on the spot they were only trying it for the first time!! They are thrilled with the system. Nice compliment!



"Tentnology® tents are revolutionizing outdoor events in Korea!"

JJ Lee
Sea Yeai Corp., Seoul, Korea


"...the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra's preferred tent for the main stage outdoor concerts...."

Garin Capewell
Stellar Productions, Vancouver


"Gery & Suzanne, just a quick note of thanks for the great customer service with the design and construction of our new tents. I realize how challenging this was for you and your team and wanted to express our gratitude for you dropping everything and pushing this to the front of your production line. The tents looked great and were very useful as it rained a good portion of the evening on Saturday night. I happened to stop by to see the event and our talent was performing safely in a light rain in both of our outdoor venues. Thank you again for the dedication you and your team put forth on our behalf."

Chris Pieser
Producer, Walt Disney Entertainment


Please pass on to your shipping dept that packaging (as always) is great and I really like your packing slip with the digital photos....being in the LTL freight business, I wish all our customers had the foresight Tentnology does!!!!!!


Mike Edwards
Service Center Manager


Love the tents! Set up and take down are a breeze.

Julianna Maynard
3D Adventures


We set up the tent at an event on Saturday. It looks great and stood out from the crowd!

Joel DeJong
Vera Fitness


Thank you. I must say that your personal efforts are very much appreciated, and your hard work does not go un-noticed. Also; I must comment that Tentnology’s customer service is far superior to your competitors.

I truly hope that this project comes to fruition, If your production is half as good as your customer service it will my pleasure to work with Tentnology®.

John J. Kerrigan
Super Color Digital


..."And I have to tell you that we LOVE our tents!! I love how much thought has gone into everything from buckles, to tie straps to everything!! Much appreciated! Kellsie and I can throw up a tent in only about 20 mins! Please tell your designers and manufacturers that we’re so happy! And love to see your writeups in the newspapers too! Congrats Tentnology on a GREAT product! All our clients love them too!
Sarah Pearse
Smashing Glasses Event Rentals


…”We used our tents for the first time this weekend—our Alumni Reunion—and everything was great. The tents looked fantastic and were sturdy in rain the day before. Thanks for your help and for providing a great product!”…



I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and customer service. We used the tents for the first time last weekend and they looked great!

Rest assured, if I ever need to order tents again I’ll be calling you guys!

Jack Young
Hot Import Nights


..."Everyone loves the Tent ! The opening session was yesterday afternoon 5:00-7:00 & it was a wonderful afternoon to be in the Tent.
Very magical! Thank you & all the Tentnology people for making this Happen"...

Jim Curtis
Aspen Institute