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Industrial & Commercial Tents For Sale

Tentnology Industrial shelters accommodate auto manufacturing, parts storage, warehousing and large special events. Up to 60 meter width & infinite length.

Why buy your Commercial Tent from Tentnology

  • TSpan widths from 4.5 m to 18 m, smooth gabled roof, peaked or shed-slanted Unislope.
  • Tentanium® in widths from 20 to 60 meters, in several shapes depending on site climate conditions:
  • Gable shapes for heavy snow load regions. 
  • Lower ovate (elliptical) shapes for extreme wind.
  • Barrel Vault or Cylindrical 
  • Design/built 100% within the walls of our plant, ensures Tentanium® fabric structures comply with Tentnology’s rigorous quality control from concept to installation.
  • Tentnology’s membrane, keder, aluminum & steel truss systems achieve the highest strength to weight ratio in the industry.
  • Tentnology CAE Darwinian software optimization in the hands of our PhD engineering team, ensure highest value for lowest cost.
  • Tentnology can offer full turnkey service, further customizing the structure with optional garage openers, man doors and removable side walls to meet site-specific needs.


Industrial Shelters in Action

Military and humanitarian aid organizations benefit from quick install and strike TSpan® and Tentanium® structures. Manufactured with the latest technology and highest quality, robust materials in assorted shapes and sizes. 


Types of Commercial Tents for Sale

Mega Tents

This heavy duty Tentnology original makes a statement. Used for weddings, high profile parties and corporate events, Tentnology can customize the Mega® to make special intimate rooms, or join multiple modules for amazing space. Walls protect against wind and weather.


SaddleSpan Tents

A Tentnology original, Saddle Span tents are often seen at big events and festivals. Offering superb natural acoustics we engineer these commercial structures to be employed as a shade canopy, beautiful stage cover, performance tent or arena for amazing space. We make Saddle Spans in module widths of 20, 30, 40, 60 and 100 feet wide. All can be configured alone or spectacular arrays. Quick pins and interchangeable parts ensure Tentnology’s trademark rapid install and take down design protocol. Keder connection of membrane to precisely manufactured curved aircraft aluminum frame guarantees sculpted glass-like ceilings and walls. Vaulted Gothic arched rotundas greet guests who wonder how you did it. Tentnology make it easy.

S5000 PentaSpan | <a target="_blank" href=""> University of Ottawa</a>

Poleation Tents

Pole Tent + Palladian = Poleadion

Is it a stretch to suggest a pole tent makes an architectural statement? Well, have a look at the Poleadion®.

Poleadion 60x60 | Client: <a href="" target="_blank">Methow Moments</a>

Perfect for commercial party tent use, easily transports from island to island, Poleadion® tents erect quickly with fewer crew. We conceived this tent with a flexible keder rail, replacing the traditional lacing with a rapid assemble structural seam. That innovation made it possible to lower the peak height, lowering the profile exposed to wind, lowering the anchorage forces and made the center poles shorter. A lot of innovations from one little one. The shorter center pole and less fabric means the pole is lighter, easier to erect with a smaller crew. Poleadions are expandable in 6 meter bays. Side posts and high peaks every 6 meters create an open-feeling, great party space, dance floor and spectacular panoramic views for polo. Available in 15 and 18 meter widths, emerald cut or square ends, curved tensioned walls, windows and door options. 

(from Wikipedia, Palladian architecture is a European style of architecture derived from and inspired by the designs of the Venetian architect Andrea Palladio (1508–1580). What is recognised as Palladian architecture today is an evolution of his original concepts. Palladio's work was strongly based on the symmetry, perspective, and values of the formal classical temple architecture of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. From the 17th century Palladio's interpretation of this classical architecture was adapted as the style known as "Palladianism". It continued to develop until the end of the 18th century.

TSpan Tents

Engineered to provide rapid install, quality, and expandable space with precision, quality and common sense functionality. TSpans® find a thousand applications and counting. Expandable, durable and flexible, they are designed to be convertible from 18 m wide down to 4.5 m, all with common interchangeable parts. Buttressed for snow load or in our TPeak® format, the TSpan® is a very versatile structure for commercial and industrial tent applications.

Tpeak | Sol Cancun

Kubit Tents

The tent that doesn’t look like a tent, the portable Kubit is perfect for special events, markets and retail centers. Kubit can work as a playground cover or branded kiosk. Modular, with views that surprise and delight from every angle, join Kubits to arrange in arrays, or side by side for experiential marketing campaigns.


Benefits of Buying a Custom Commercial Tent

  • Tentnology can custom design and fabricate a Commercial Tent or industrial shelter for your special occasion.
  • Our sales, engineering and fabrication team work closely with clients to achieve a heavy-duty, durable, aesthetic build to accommodate industrial, commercial, festival, special event or large party space.
  • Our tents are designed appropriate to the operating environment, for harsh elements, hot sun, high wind, heavy snow, always with code life safety in mind.
  • Tentnology can help you create the best industrial tent for you.



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