Emergency Tents

A Safe Haven with rapid deployment and instant function. Tentnology® Emergency Tents provide quick, effective and reliable shelter & shade structures

Emergency Tents for Instant Shelter – anytime, anywhere. Our Tents are easy to ship and assemble, allowing for minimal storage spaces and immediate response under critical circumstances. Their superior construction ensures dependable coverage during severe weather conditions. Many of our tents come in a variety of sizes to suit almost any situation.

Emergency Tents Around the World 

We have responded to some of the world's most stressful and unexpected emergencies. It is our goal to treat each crisis situation with the respect and care that it deserves. You can depend on us for a fast response and quality shelters for people in need. We have helped in the following emergency situations:

  • 300 emergency tents for earthquake relief housing air-lifted into Turkey.
  • Sixty emergency tents were among the first tents deployed in 2005, sheltering survivors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
  • Over 3,000 m² [30,000 sq. ft.] of portable emergency tents and portable shelters air lifted into Afghanistan to house NATO troops.

Emergency Tents for:

  • Field hospitals
  • Portable barracks
  • Equipment & storage facilities
  • Social centers
  • Tent cities
  • Food service
  • Emergency shelters

We here at the Sussex County YMCA wanted to thank you both for all of your help with the purchase of the tents. We have received many compliments on how nice and professional these tents look. We were able to set-up one tent with only 2 staff in 4 hours and 3 staff when we did the second. The tents that we used prior would take up to 10 staff and 2 days to set-up. I also personally wanted to thank both of you for your time and effort.

Bill Miller, Building and Property Director