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TSpan™ - Free Span Structures

Expandable Pre-Engineered Free Span Structures 

Tentnology's TSpan™ is a multi use, portable free span structure with keder track fabric membrane attachment. Tspan's anodized tempered high strength aircraft aluminum Tru-Beam® is engineered with the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry for a water-tight, picture-perfect structure.

Thirty-five years of engineering experience forged into Tentnology's revolutionary proprietary design software give the TSpan™ precision, quality, speed, good-looks and optimum performance.

Tpeak | Sol Cancun 

Tentnology's TSpan™ Features

  • Modular: Expandable: 20'[6m] bays in 4 widths: 60' [18m], 50' [15 m], 40' [12 m], 30' [9m], 20' [6m]
  • Leak Free: Patented water tight beam joints
  • Durable: Engineered for extreme weather
  • Precise: Computer designed with proprietary LD Finite Element Analysis software
  • Flexible: Variety of accessories, walls, hard doors and options available
  • Variety: 6M (20') roof line catenary connects up to original Tentnology™ Matrix-Marquee™ for additional space
  • Silent: Drum-tight tensioned fabric & dynamically sprung aluminum alloy "TruBeam®" frame means no more fabric luffing or frame noise in high wind.

TSpan™ TS50x140

TSpan tents can also be used as portable shelters for different applications. Extend original tensioned portico adds shape, design and a fantastic sleek profile to this fast erecting modular free span building – extend your TSpan™ with panache!

 TSpan™ 60&#39; x 120&#39; | Client: <a href="https://www.mluservices.com/" target="_blank">MLU Services</a>

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