outdoor wedding with marquee canopy tents
marquee canopy tents at outdoor event
pop up canopy tent beside a pool
marquee canopy tents at commercial event
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marquee canopy tents at outdoor event_tb
pop up canopy tent beside a pool_tb
marquee canopy tents at commercial event_tb

Matrix–Marquee™ Tents

The original high peak event tents & canopies

A Tentnology® design original – The Matrix-Marquee™. The world's most functional, fast, flexible and economical portable tent and canopy. When assembling Tentnology® Matrix-Marquees™ you form brilliantly engineered rigid 3D truss' wedging flying centre poles between fabric & cable. Sprung-cable, fabric & aluminum alloy frame create those Tentnology® famous distinctive smooth peaks.

The Matrix-Marquee™ Tent can be customized to suit your needs, whether you need a particular color or custom graphics. Other customizable options include walls or partitions, lights and accessories.

Most of the Matrix-Marquee parts are universal, making purchasing, handling and inventory management efficient and economical. The magnum slip-fit parts allow for maximum strength and durability making this party tent engineered for extreme weather conditions.

Matrix-Marquee™ Event Tent

The Matrix-Marquee™ Event Tent has been used around the world for a wide variety of festivities. Its beautiful high center peak just inspires celebration! Whether it be a party tent, music festival tent, or a corporate event tent, the Matrix-Marquee’s variety of shapes and configurations can lend itself to nearly any occasion.







The Matrix-Marquee event tents could not be easier to assemble. Set-up requires two people and takes about 15 minutes per tent. These event tents utilize 50% less parts than comparable frame tent designs, resulting in faster installation and take down times as well as better shipping rates. In no time at all you can create a beautiful event venue anywhere, anytime.


What our clients say about us

Peter, The tent is amazing. The set-up was painless. The instructions easily understood. We are completely satisfied and will work with you again, I’m certain. Thanks you for your very professional and personalized service.

John Nichols, The Nichols Team
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