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Tentnology Poleadion
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Poleadion™ Tents - Pole Tent

Expandable Tension Pole Tents - New Patented Design

One of Tentnology's newest innovations, the Poleadion's sculpted high peaks create a totally new attention-getting silhouette, perfect for commercial party tents.

Thanks to our amazing technologies, the spectacular swooping fabric building is supported by side poles that are 20 feet (6 M) apart, creating an open-feeling floating look. The low profile of our pole tents makes them excellent tents to withstand inclement weather, especially high winds. 

Poleadion™ Tentnology - Pole Tent Manufacturers

Tentnology's Pole Tents are durable, easy to assemble, easy to transport and suited for most events and occasions. Our large pole tent will bring a beautiful, unique and elegant design to your event.

Poleadion tents, like all of Tentnology’s tents, can be manufactured in specific sizes, colors or feature custom logos. Other customizable options include walls, lights and accessories. If you can imagine it, then we can help make your tent dreams a reality! 

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Poleadion - Pole Tents

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Party Tent Sizes

Most pole tents have poles 6 to 10 feet apart (2 M to 3 M), which creates a cluttered and claustrophobic atmosphere. Tentnology engineers have created a truly innovative tent, allowing for poles to be 20 feet (6 M) apart which opens up the useable space and produces a truly beautiful structure.

The Poleadion comes in two widths: 40 feet (12 M) and 60 feet (18 M). The length is expandable in 20 feet (6 M ) increments for infinite expansion.

Contact us and we will help you find the perfect tent structure for your event. 

Tent Set Up Time

The Poleadion™ has 50% fewer legs than other similar pole tent styles. Less legs means fewer parts, which means lighter shipping and less room required for storage. Fewer legs also means less anchors to pound which requires less labor for set up! 

The patented Tentnology® keder connection lets you slide and slip-lock sections together rather than the time consuming lacing that other pole tents require. This special patented feature creates a smooth water tight seal that looks great on the outside and inside, and makes set-up a breeze compared to other pole tents on the market.

Tent Materials

One of the greatest features of the new pole tent is the tensioned walls! The Poleadion pole tent has a soft keder system on the edge of the top where the walls “zip lock” right onto the top and tension at the bases for a taut tensioned walls that do not flap in the wind. Most standard pole tents have a rope attached to the edge of the top where the walls are clipped– this leaves a flapping curtain wall. Available in clear windows, zipper doors or solid fabric.

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