Are Tentnology's tents fire retardant?

Yes, Tentnology® uses the latest in fire retardant materials that are certified by the California State Fire Marshall, exceeding requirements for NFPA 701, UL 214, ULC S-109 and M1. Treated to retard mildew, ultra-violet degradation. Flame retardant. Tentnology® stuctures meet all international requirements.

Are tents available in different colours; can I add a wall?

Tentnology® offers a limitless selection of customized structures and accessories to suit your needs.

How long will it take to assemble a Tentnology® structure?

Ease of assembly is one factor that sets Tentnology® apart from the rest. MQ20 + 2 people = 10 min, for instance. Look to our Matrix-Marquee™ series for easy assembly.

How many people can I fit into a tent?

That depends... if you want chairs, tables, dance floor etc. the capacity of tents varies considerably. We've put together a chart providing a guide to capacity depending on what type of event your holding.

What if it's a windy day?

Tentnology® tents have been designed, tested and engineered for extreme weather conditions. Engineering reports are available directly from Tentnology® to qualified engineers.