large permanent fabric structure
fabric structure at outdoor event
fabric structure at world trade center
fabric structure canopy
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Fabric Structures

Fabric Architecture: Tensile and Membrane Fabric Structures. Where math meets emotion.

Tentnology® custom designs, engineers and manufactures permanent membrane fabric structures. Gery Warner, Tentnology® President has been on the cutting edge (pun intended) of the fabric structure industry since 1972! Leading a team of experienced master craftsmen and engineers to create innovative, inspirational fabric architecture as recently demonstrated at the World Trade Center 911 site in New York. 

Tentnology® CAE proprietary software allows our Design Engineers to offer you affordable and efficient one stop shop for specialized architectural fabric structures. One of the few fabric structure manufacturers in the world that has in-house; design, engineering, patterning, fabrication and manufacture to installation and service.


Here are some of the comments currently on a blog hosted by the New York Times article on the Tentnology® fabric structure:

"...I’m going to miss that tent. It wasn’t only a beautiful and functional artifact, but also a symbol of possibility and hope."

"...Sometimes a simple, elegant design speaks volumes. This one certainly does. As nice as the sculpted shape is, viewed head-on, its scale is even more impressive in a side view."

"...I had no idea it was temporary. I remember thinking how beautiful it looked outstretched to the gray sky like a beacon of hope. I hope whatever replaces it is as beautiful as this structure was."



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