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Tents for Rental Business

ROI ASAP RSVP!  Tentnology makes Portable profit centers. Since 1988 more than 1000 tent rental companies around the world offer Tentnology tents for hire.

Our tents are extremely versatile and ideal for any party, from festivals to a royal wedding. And, our beautiful, durable tents will impact the bottom line of your event tent rental business.

Buying Tents for Your Tent Rental Business

Buy party and event tents like the pros. Rental companies must select tents robust enough to last hundreds of installations and weekly set ups. They must be functional and versatile to cover any event and naturally beautiful to grace any wedding, back yard party or company event. Yet economical to get a fast return on investment. That is why so many event rental companies for so many years choose Tentnology as their manufacturer of choice for their rental and party tents business.   

Learn more about the party rental business and our unique and innovative tents. Check the video below with Adam, the Tent Guy and Tentnology's founders, Suzanne and Gery.


Tentnology Tent Solutions for Rental Companies

With over 12 tent and fabric structure families in literally hundreds of sizes and configurations, Tentnology has the perfect solution for your commercial tent needs. 

With interchangeable parts, handy storage, transport solutions, and accessories: lights, walls, decorative sails, anchorage and more, Tentnology puts the functional into the function.

Tentnology design lowers labor costs, quickens handling and saves installation time and money.  Goof-proof assembly makes set up and take down safe and efficient for your staff.

At Tentnology, service and support is as important as quality of our products.  Experienced sales people, field and installation support, solid documentation and professional engineering bring professionalism to our client to help them become successful Tentnologists.


But don’t take our word for it
read what our customers have to say…

Customer Testimonial


You have certainly made us feel that we are buying our tents from a partner in our industry verses simply a supplier.

− Kelly Baillie, Big Top Tents

Marquee took on local authorities who challenged the “temporary” status of the tent by demonstrating that it could be taken down and set up in 10 minutes!!  And that is with the relaxed pace of the islands man.

− Kevin Snook, Mustique West Indies

I just wanted to write and say that at midnight on a Saturday night, as I'm reflecting upon a very brief, but wonderful visit to the home of George Vanderbilt, the Biltmore Estate (America's largest private residence), I am facing mountains in all directions, hearing wild birds from all directions, drinking mediocre coffee and staring at a Tentnology tent directly in front of me on the grounds of the Inn.

The distinctive catenary, the graceful peak of the marquee top, silhouetted beautifully by the North Carolina moon.  Your tent actually served as the canopy to the outside wedding this afternoon, and did its' job brilliantly. But, I just thought that I would let you know that Tentnology is everywhere that the cool people hang out.

− Eric Millner, Kicking Cow Promotions

…Thanks so much for the quick response time. I am a fan of Tentnology Tents. I especially like the fact that you guys can do full print. The tent looks great doesn’t it! 

− Dan, Kodak

7 Hexagons to Mexico -  set the tent up at 2pm and between 2pm and 6pm and we booked 10 weddings!!!   Had to come up with pricing on the spot we were only trying it for the first time!!  We are thrilled with the system. 

− Ernesto, Mexico

Customer Testimonial | Walt Disney Entertainment



We do take pride in our work and with the quality product that you put out it also makes our jobs selling events such as the (Chicago) Bears camp much easier. Brian H. Stumph, Managing Partner,

− Herriott's Party Rental

"Voorsanger Architects P.C. is proud to offer Tentnology Corporation our recommendation as one of the leading and most innovative tensile structure manufactures in operation today. We had the great pleasure of working with Gery and his team at Tentnology on a custom temporary PATH Station entry enclosure at the World Trade Center Site in New York City. Because of the unique conditions at the site and restraints of the opening the canopy ended up being a custom frame based on Tentnology’s standard saddle structures. Not only did the structure require conformance with the New York City Codes but also was subjected to the rigorous approval processes of the governing agency, The Port Authority of New York andNew Jersey. One of the reasons we initially pushed for the use of Tentnology was their ability to erect these structures in a very short time span. In our case the canopy was set and erected during the night in about eleven hours allowing for the station to close and remain open on its regular schedule without any delays inservice. Again we at Voorsanger are happy to lend our name and recommendation to Tentnology."

− Ronald Reed Director of ProjectsVoorsanger Architects P.C.

I have worked with Tentnogoy tents for more than a year and have decided to start up a tent rental business in the city of Lethbridge. This is a follow up letter of your product.  Tentnology as a tent is what I need to fulfill my needs.  I am very happy I invested that kind of money buying Tentnology tents. I recently purchased 1 Hexagon 35' by 40', eight 20'by20' and two 10'by10' tents. I am not afraid with these tents as long as they are set up properly these tents will last me for a long time.  I bought Tentology tents for the following reasons.a

  • Are strong and durable and can with hold together especially the strong winds in Lethbridge providing the tents are set up correctly and everything is tight.
  • Parts can be interchanged using different sizes of tents
  • Tents are made with very strong fabric
  • Customer service is excellent, phone calls are returned very promptly
  • Tentnology tents are  competitive priced compared to other tents
  • Tentnology tents can be easily set up and very quick
  • Tentnology tents can be configured in different ways
  • Tentnology tents are not really heavy but are strong at the same time
  • Tentnology tents have a very nice shape to them especially if you put on a flag
  • Silent in high winds
  • Hardware such as the wretches, cables pipes, hooks, are strongly built
  • Tentnology is water proof even when the tents join or butted together (using a rain gutter)
  • Walls can be exchanged solid or window to fit different needs and are easily installed
  • Tent can be easily carried to a different location without taking it apart               

  − Keep up the good work.  Andy Stahl

While designing our portable amphitheater, we quickly settled on the marquee line of tent structures from Tentnology.  They fit our requirements for quick setup and teardown, minimal anchoring, and size capabilities.  We also were pleased with the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors.  Tentnology was able to provide our tents with the exact color options we had chosen.  For superior service and outstanding technical and sales support, I would recommend Tentnology for anyone who is interested in a top of the line marquee tent product.

− David Wagner, Festival con Dios, Inc.

"Thank you for all of your assitance and getting the tents out to me on time. The 30x30 was setup just now and was absolutely gorgeous!!! Well all the Tentnology Tents are gorgeous, but still, customers loved it, my team loves it. "

− Amandeep Singh Royal Tents

And there are many more…we look forward to the day, you will be writing your own testimonial on your success with Tentnology event tents.

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