The tentnologist, February 2002, Issue 3

The tentnologist, February 2002, Issue 3

Bigger better bolder than ever!

Thanks to our fantastic clients Tentnology® has had ‘intents’ success in many areas. ‘Tentsational’ events, ideas and opportunities to share with you in our third newsletter.

In case of emergency…call 1 800 663 8858

Not all applications for Tentnology® tents are glamorous or fun. The same technology that makes our tents so fast and easy to put up yet safe and sound are what makes them the perfect relief shelter. Put to the test – Tentnology® supplied over 300 winterized tents for housing in a devastated earthquake zone. There were only three business days to deliver and once on the ground hundreds of soldiers put up 80 Marquees an hour.

Rock on : Festival Con Dios 21-city Rock Tour seen by over 100,000 people featuring music, games and extreme athletes…

“While designing our portable amphitheater, we quickly settled on the Marquee line of tent structures from Tentnology®. They fit our requirements for quick setup and teardown, minimal anchoring and size capabilities. We also were pleased with the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors. Tentnology® was able to provide our tents with the exact color options we had chosen. For superior service and outstanding technical and sales support, I would recommend Tentnology® for anyone who is interested in a top of the line Marquee tent product."

Dave Wagner, News Boys

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