Portable Shelters

Instant Buildings – anywhere, anytime. Portable Shelters, warehousing and institutions are safe, solid and fast with Tentnology® TSpan™ tents and Tentanium® portable shelters.

 Instant portable shelter for:

  • Tent rental companies - Versatile and multi-functional rental tent
  • Remote locations and mining camps
  • Commercial use - retail showrooms and portable warehousing
  • Military and Medical - tents, barracks, command centers, medical tents
  • Disaster & emergency shelters

Quiet & Sound Construction

A portable shelter doesn't have to be noisy. Fabric tensioning systems & patented sprung “Tru-Beam®” technology create drum tight fabric. This means there is no fabric luffing in wind or frame noise, ensuring silent performance, a key quality of all Tentnology® fabric structures.

Easy to Assemble

Robust aluminum alloy extruded beams bayonet together for fast installation. Heavy equipment is not required. Large gauge keder smoothly slips into beam channels with ease.


  • Tentnology TSpan Fabric Structure Tent
    TSpan™ Portable Shelter

    TSpan™ free span keder structures are easy to assemble and 100% rain proof.  Built with premium materials and master craftsmanship, the TSpan™ is made to endure extreme weather conditions. With a wide selection of widths to choose from, we ensure that we have the perfect TSpan™ tent for your needs.

    Uses: TSpan™ Event Tent is well suited for portable warehousing, military and medical tents or barracks, exhibition tents, conventions, remote location shelters, back of the house structures and tradeshows.

  • Patented revolutionary system bringing a dynamic new silhouette to event skylines. The “tent that doesn’t look like a tent” combines the peaks and curves Tentnology has made famous. Available in 20’x20’ (6mx6m) & 10’x10’ (3mx3m) sizes that connect together for infinite undulating space. Open roof lines or enclosed vertical side walls make this new event tent functional and versatile.

    Uses: Setting a new standard for corporate suites, branded event marketing tents, high profile kiosks & putting the “special” into special events.

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