SaddleSpan™ Event Tents

Large free-span portable structures & stage covers, perfect for concerts, festivals and events

Sole Manufacturer & Distributor of the SaddleSpan™ Event Tent, Original to Tentnology®

SaddleSpan™ tensile membrane structure has the look and distinction of architecturally designed space with the performance, flexibility and affordability of a portable tent.

Five Tents In One

Sun shade or canopy (no ends), stage cover (one end), party or performance tent (enclosed), tent hall in linear arrangement or fantastic space in spectacular radial arrays, the SaddleSpan™ is a model of versatility. Beautiful vaulted ceilings and arches in hours. Tentnology® patented joining system creates a new dimension in exhibition, performance & practical space. Not just good-looking, SaddleSpans™ provide effective protection from sun, wind & sand for military & civilian aircraft.


Certified welded truss in aluminum aircraft alloy & titanium alloy tenons for high strength and long life, cut weight in half. Quick and precise fabric attachment with Tentnology's snap-on "alpine karabiner" system securing frame to structural fabric. No lacing or worrisome adjustment. Tentnology® SaddleSpans™ are available in 2 module sizes. Both S2000 & S5000 (200 & 500 M2) modules are free-span with great sight lines. SaddleSpans™ display truly amazing acoustics for brilliant performance.

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