Commercial Tents

Tentnology® has a full range of commercial tents including event tents, logo and graphic tents, rental party tent and more. Need a large tent? We have a commercial tent to suit any event.

  • Matrix-Marquee
    Matrix-Marquee™ Commercial Tent

    This commercial tent is the perfect party, event and rental tent. Commercial tents by Tentnology are portable profit centers! Whether you need a large tent or small, we have you covered with our selection of 18 shapes and sizes. This is the first and original cross cable peak top commercial tent.

    Uses: Matrix-Marquee™ Commercial Tents are perfect for festival or tradeshow tents, company functions, food service tents and so much more.

  • SaddleSpan
    SaddleSpan™ Commercial Tent

    SaddleSpan™ Commercial Tents are the most dynamic attention-getting commercial tents in the world! The iconic swooping curves of this original and innovative fabric structure can be used for a wide variety of purposes and is available in different sizes.

    Uses: SaddleSpan™ Commercial Tents work well as a stage covers, event tents, enclosed theatre tents, tradeshow tents, expandable free span portable shelters, and shade structures.

  • Tentnology Mega Tent
    Mega™ Commercial Tent

    The Mega™ Commercial Tent's original patented technology makes this fabric structure truly Meganificent. As robust as a tenthall – as beautiful as an architectural fabric structure – as easy to install as a canopy, the Tentnology Mega™ portable structure is ideal for any commercial tent use.

    Uses: The Mega™ Commercial Tent's can be used to create deluxe corporate chalets, hospitality Tents, V.I.P. centers and dining rooms for off-premise catering.

  • Tentnology Poleadion tents
    Poleadion™ Commercial Tent

    The Poleadion™ Commercial Tent is the 21st century pole tent! Featuring the classic traditional look of pole party tents with the advanced engineering and patented Tentnology for “peak” performance.

    Uses: The Poleadion™ Commercial Tent for tradeshows, banquet halls, wedding tents and so much more.

  • Tentnology TSpan Tent
    TSpan™ portable fabric structure

    Need a large tent? Try the mutlitalented keder-style tenthall for infinitely expandable space.

    Uses: The TSpan is wonderful for convention tents, portable function space, instant warehousing, industrial tents, institutional fabric structures and so much more.

  • Tentnology logo tent - lemonade stand
    Logo & Promotional Tents

    All Tentnology commercial tents can be customized with graphics and logos. Our in-house printing with proprietary seamless wrap printing solutions allows for quality control and fast turnaround times.

    Uses: Logo & promotion tents are perfect for mobile/event marketing, food service tents, festival tents, your corporate and hospitality tent needs, and so much more.

  • Patented revolutionary system bringing a dynamic new silhouette to event skylines. The “tent that doesn’t look like a tent” combines the peaks and curves Tentnology has made famous. Available in 20’x20’ (6mx6m) & 10’x10’ (3mx3m) sizes that connect together for infinite undulating space. Open roof lines or enclosed vertical side walls make this new event tent functional and versatile.

    Uses: Setting a new standard for corporate suites, branded event marketing tents, high profile kiosks & putting the “special” into special events.

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