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Large Tents For Sale

Tentnology® has Wedding Tents for sale. Your rental company will benefit from our over 20 years of experience in the tent rental industry.

All of our Large Tents are for sale and are an ideal addition to your tent rental line-up. Tent rental agents around the world provide Tentnology Large Tents for hire. Our Large Tents are versatile and are great for every event from a backyard event to a royal wedding.

Our tension fabric tents are architecturally engineered and an economical and efficient structure. Our Large Tents for sale are truly portable profit centres and employed by over 800 rental agencies around the world. Tentnology® Matrix-Marquee™ Large Tents for sale come in 20 different configurations and sizes based from our original cable and pole tension tents. Tentnology’s tensile fabric structures have exceptional durability and are designed with elegance in mind. We have covered festivals and functions around the world.

These Large Tents for sale come with technical support, require 50% less labor, 50% less set-up time, 50% less shipping weight and 50% less shipping space. Our tents are truly amazing and will have an impact on your tent rental business’s bottom line.

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